We are a locally owned Coffee Bar that focuses on serving a delicious cup of coffee with excellent customer service. This comes from a staff that wants you to have the best experience possible.  Our goal is to create an environment that is comfortable for all guests.


About Us

AMP History

Amp is the story of three young Qatari friends turning their keen interest and passion for coffee into a thriving exciting business for coffee addicts and connoisseurs. Amp is not your standard issue coffee bar; with their shared enthusiasm and love of the sacred bean it’s safe to say that your expectations can reach a little higher than usual. Here, you’ll see the same faces day in and day out and drinking world class coffee in a warm relaxed atmosphere.
The friendly crew at Amp with their combined craftsmanship and care have one aim: to bring you an exceptional and unrivalled coffee experience. Their uncompromising dedication to quality will leave you amped for more!

AMP Process

Amp turns out their own unique house blends, available for sale (I’m assuming) at the counter. There is absolute respect for the complexity of the process beginning with the selection of the finest quality beans, drying, roasting, and all the finer steps in between to ensure the delicious end result. Great attention to detail is taken each step of the way, this is sure to capture the attention of any discerning coffee drinker. The Amp crew pride themselves on uncompromising quality, knowledge and innovation.

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